youre favorite mail/xmpp service


ez as pie, just send a nice encrypted e-mail to postmaster at heimdall dot pm with your desired username and domain,
and I'll see if you can become part of the club ;) you can find the right PGP key here (I won't respond to unencrypted mail)
right now, there's and available for registration.
all e-mails are also fully working XMPP accounts, with file upload, audio/video calls, muc, etc.

Heimdall's mail service is currently closed for registration.

« rules »

  1. No illegal activities,
  2. No spam / harassment,
  3. No account abuse (i.e. asking for 30 mail accounts).

I reserve the right to have the final decision on any account that is found to be in violation of any of these three rules. Don't be a jerk and everything will be okay. I'm not an asshole.

Please report any abuse to this e-mail address: abuse at heimdall dot pm


password change

seriously serious Q&A (kinda)

How is it made?

It runs openSMTPD and Dovecot for SMTP/IMAP and rspamd for spam filtering.

It also runs Prosody as its XMPP server, which uses the same accounts / passwords as the mail server.

Mail server:

XMPP server:

How can I trust you?

Simply put, you can't. I don't do anything nasty with your mails, besides storing, receiving and delivering them. You'll have to trust me on that.

All the server source code is accessible via Git, but I could be lying and have other malicious configuration files.

To avoid this, always connect to the mail server using Tor, encrypt your conversations with PGP whenever possible and delete your mails from the server regularly (I should set up Pop3, I know).

How do I connect to my mail account?

On most mail clients, you can just type in your e-mail and your password and it should work fine without any additional configuration.

Otherwise, you should put mail.domain.tld or imap/smtp.domain.tld, domain.tld being the domain of your mail account, like works in all cases. You can connect through STARTTLS and SSL/TLS.

As for mail apps, on desktop there's Claws Mail, Geary and Thunderbird, on Android I personally use K-9 Mail. I don't own any iPhone.

See « How do I connect to my e-mail through Tor? » for Tor support.

How do I connect to my e-mail through Tor?

The same as to connect normally, with some tweaks:

  1. Configure your mail client to connect via Tor (check your application's documentation). Otherwise, use a tool like torsocks.
  2. Remove SSL verification (since .onion links don't match with the TLS cert). (Again, see your app's documentation.)
  3. Replace the link (e.g.: with this .onion link: 2rhwyw6qvqzsdmpcslifvogyj6pbn3npbyq52dprwujni6a6cn4zf7yd.onion. Keep the same ports.


How do I connect to my XMPP account?

You just have to enter your JID (your e-mail) and your password. It should wercs as expected.

There is no onion link for the xmpp server as of now. It's on my ToDo list.

On Linux I use Dino and Gajim, for MicroShaft Windblows users there's Gajim, on Android I use Conversations. There's Monal on iOS and OSX if I remember well.

How are you paying all of this ?

Using my own money and donations in various cryptocurrencies like Monero or Bitcoin.

Currently, I have approximatively 100E of expenses per year.

You can find all donations methods on Heimdall's donate page (.onion).